Artist’s Statement

In making art, I become fully engaged in the process. That means using all of the intuitive and emotional energy that emerges to produce work with a strong physical, visceral presence. With painting, it includes pouring, blotting, staining, and dripping—followed by periods of reflection—until the piece is complete. With drawing and three-dimensional work, my process becomes even more expansive, assembling pieces by sewing, tying, wrapping, or taping them together

Whatever the medium, making art is a considered, additive, yet often impulsive activity. And creating a piece can extend from a few days to several years.
My exploration includes the play between form and formlessness; the use of less conventional materials such as hair, jewelry, tinfoil and plastic bags; and a fascination with the body and its functions. I prefer to use off-hand, often found materials and the work?s presence is belied by the physical lightness of its parts.

I want my drawings to have a three-dimensional presence. I continually return to the vertical line and the actions of ascending and descending. And I remain drawn to energy—its gathering and dispersal—as well as themes of veiling and revealing, containment, and mourning and sorrow.